Monday, October 25, 2010

Chief Illiniwek

Chief Illiniwek, the Cherokee mascot for the University of Illinois' Fighting Illini, did his traditional dance at the Assembly Hall (the building that looks like an alien ship landed.) He had just made an appearance at the Homecoming parade the night before and again that afternoon for the Homecoming game...Illinois won 42-13...he was still very energetic and gets the crowd to rally around him, although there is a big controversy surrounding this mascot. The band performed, there were speakers in support of the chief and then there was also his dad, also a Cherokee, who spoke very well on the controversial subject and introduced the former chiefs and his son, before he gave his performance. He is a wonderful example of keeping a tradition alive and I enjoyed sharing that tradition with my kids too.
(the chief shouts) I-L-L (the crowd answers) I-N-I! The Chief Lives!

I had the privilege of meeting Chief Illiniwek and his dad after the chief danced. He does all his dances barefoot, whether inside the Assembly Hall (concrete floor) or outside on the football field.

It was an awesome performance. The Chief Lives! There is a website you can has better videos than mine and you can see lots of dancing...


  1. How wonderful to see that! Did the kids enjoy it, too? How nice to get a picture with them.

  2. I didn't realize till today that you live in Illinois! I was born and raised in Champaign-Urbana and graduated from the U of I. Go Illini!

  3. The kids had a great time, they cheered for the chief! was totally different than any pep rally they ever had (my daughter still calls them pep-per rallies!) The Chief Lives!

    My kids and I just moved to Illinois from Alabama this summer. I was born in Maine but grew up in this area. I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. I'm a bit complicated to follow sometimes, I know.


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