Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordy Wednesday: Covered Bridges Festival

I went to the Covered Bridges festival in Indiana yesterday, and although it started out to be a very foggy morning here, the sun came out and was another warm day to enjoy. We found a good spot by the grist mill for lunch and then it was time to go through the covered bridge and look at all the booths. There were 6 different towns to stop in, with historical covered bridges, but we only went to wonder it lasts for 10 days...that's a lot of shopping.

There were so many food vendors, it was hard to, I didn't choose pizza this time, but had to take this photo with my kids in mind...I am in the reflection in the glass (where the pizza is gone.)

I enjoyed reading all the signs that people made...this one made me laugh...

I purchased a few gifts for my kids, a jar of yummy apple butter from the Amish (why did I only get one?) and a sweatshirt that will certainly remind me to enjoy the simple joys of fall.

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  1. What a neat festival. Looks like you had lots of fun.

    I especially like those first two photos.


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