Friday, October 14, 2011

Fingerprints on Friday

A very colorful week here, with the leaves changing their colors all around and it's a wonder there are any leaves left on their branches with these windy days.  It's fun to walk on these nice sunny days, admire these beautiful fingerprints of God, and crunch the leaves that have fallen...why rake when the wind will carry them away?  I used to think that the leaves changed their colors because of the lack of chlorophyll during the colder weather, but I learned that these leaves actually contain the pigments of the colors they will eventually turn.  Red leaves are really special as this pigment is sensitive to the PH of the sap of the tree, so depending on the acidity and amount of light it receives, will determine if the leaves turn red or purple.  I always wondered about the purple leaves...can purple occur naturally in nature?  Something to think about as I take in all these different colors of the fall that God created with his glorious light, one pigment at a time. 
Psalm 66:1,3
Shout joyfully to God...How awesome are your works.


  1. Nice nature lesson! I didn't know any of that information. Beautiful.

  2. Beautiful photos! This is an incredibly magnificent time of year. I love finding new colors each day. I think I could spend every minute of the day taking pictures. :-)

  3. Beautiful pictures! The reds are so pretty!

  4. What a beautiful Fingerprint and interesting information about the colors..The wonderful colors sure make great picture taking..
    I would like to see a picture of you and daughter dancing in the moonlight..You had me laughing..


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