Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Twisting Turbines on Tuesday

As I was walking one day, I couldn't believe the sight of these wind turbines that close to the edge of town.  If I had been run over for standing in the middle of the road, taking this photo, I wouldn't have been more surprised.  I have seen these wind turbines coming from the other direction and they really are massive structures, taking over the fields...what used to be actual farm land.  There's supposed to be 94 of these things on that side of town?  There are already at least 250 on another huge stretch of fields going the opposite direction.  This is supposed to be helpful for our energy?  What about all the energy that the land had to offer?  And all those animals rethinking their habitat that just was taken over again, by the stewards of the land?   Who knew the wind could cause so much controversy in a small town?   The big company that keeps putting these wind turbines up claims that it is so helpful.  I think they are helping themselves to some of the richest fields around, and that makes me sad to think these huge turbines will just become part of the man-made landscape, to capture the wind's energy for a while.  These turbines are not even the most efficient style made, so how long will it take for them to be replaced with more efficient models when they decide these are not producing enough energy?  

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  1. I can't believe that. Right on the edge. We have a few in town, but people keep fighting the noise. Someday, hopefully after the kids are gone to heaven, there will be no such things as farms.


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