Saturday, December 10, 2011

Silly Photos on Saturday

Some silly photos from going to see Santa's reindeer last was so cold that day, and rained a bit too but it was still fun.  It was also a good place to buy a Christmas tree and we saw a few being taken down the path behind Mary, but we had a good laugh when we saw this antler tree, all decorated with glass bottle ornaments.  Something we certainly don't see too often.  These reindeer (in the last photo) all rubbed their antlers on their tree and looked around for something to chew on, and I think maybe that little fence was there to protect that little tree from getting knocked over by themWhen we got too cold, we went inside their gift shop, which was all decorated for Christmas and that was fun too. 

So this past week, I felt like Santa's elf, packing up remote control cars for Santa to deliver for Christmas.  We were each given one to take home for our kids too, but I gave mine to another elf, for his kids, and that made my heart sing for Christmas joy.


  1. Looks like a really fun place! The reindeer antlers are so huge! It's hard to imagine being able to keep their balance.

    Even though I haven't finished my gift making (**feelings of panic**), I'm getting into the Christmas spirit. Someone at work decorated a beautiful Christmas tree in our lobby and it makes me happy.

  2. Seems like a perfect place to visit for picking up and sharing Christmas cheer.

  3. Now this looks like a fun visit..What great Christmas does do something to the heart..I have said this so many times to our girls..There is nothing that makes a person happier, than giving of oneself..
    Have a good week..


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