Saturday, January 21, 2012

Silly Photos on Saturday

Emily was happy to see her sunbeam return after so many gray days, and we did get some more blustery snow flying yesterday, enough for it to drift up against my car and I had to break out my new snow shovel.  It's much lighter than the one I had last year, but we are not getting the snow that we had here last year either.  Small things to be thankful for, but I am.  Emily was busy rolling around in the sunbeams, then discovered she could make the Wii remote move around too.  I think she would have turned it on if she could, funny how she sits right in front of me when it's my turn to play. 

I was actually trying to finish a book I was reading this morning, but she was making me giggle instead.  This is a book I bought for Mary, but I ran out of things I wanted to read this week so I picked it up.  It's called "Falling Leaves" and the author is Adeline Yen Mah.


  1. Emily is enjoying her sunbeams, isn't she. They seem rare here of late. We got almost a foot of snow yesterday. Can you email your phone number again, please?

  2. Emily always gives me a laugh. It is always fun to see what amuses them.
    Well, you have it might be gone by now.
    We still have ours and I am so tired of it. I just don't go anywhere, unless the roads are dry. Even our driveway is dangerous. We are always sanding/ melts, then freezes. But soon spring will arrive..I have to tell myself this all the time..haha..
    Have a great week..xoRosebud/Carolyn

  3. Ha ha! Emily just wants to use the Wii to get a little exercise.

    Cats are so funny. :-)

  4. So cute love the second photo lol.

  5. That's darling! Our dog sleeps awhile, then moves over, following the sunbeam. By the end of the day, she's moved across the whole livingroom. :)


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