Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow on Saturday

Snow is falling, a pretty light snow and everything is covered again today.  I was looking forward to watching the snow clouds come in the other day but when I looked outside, all I could see was the snow flying and apparently the clouds were on the ground.  I couldn't even see the field across the road.  The sky is brighter now, the snow feels lighter and lifting my spirit. 

I knew it would be another good day for baking and decided on this pan of brownies with chocolate chip cookies.  I used to add chocolate chips to brownies, just for more chocolately goodness so when I saw this idea, I thought why not? 

I also made some more dishcloths this week, while staying warm under one of my favorite afghans.  We had some warm days this month, but now it actually seems like winter again, a good time to get some of my creative energy flowing and be thankful for simple joys.

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  1. We had snow here and in up in Nashville (were up there Tues-Thurs) on Thursday. The brownies look yummy and your crochet reminds me of my mom.:)


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