Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dream of the Universe on Saturday

Yummy cupcakes and interesting looking nails...can only mean one thing around here this time of year.  We have had 3 birthdays in our family this week, one of them was for my daughter.  The nail polish is called galaxy and looks like an abstract of the universe on her nails, very fitting when you are turning 16, don't you think? 

Allow everything else to vanish
save and except your cherished dreams.
For your cherished dreams
are treasured sleeplessly
by God Himself. 
~ Sri Chimnoy


  1. Couldn't see the picture..but I am sure the nail polish is neat..Wanted to get over here and wish you a Blessed Easter..Sending love and Blessings..

  2. Nice polish! I didn't realize she is 16 just now. Evan will be in July. We must have been pregnant at the same time!


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