Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some Pink Cookies for Saturday

These are pink lemonade cookies and they smell amazing while they are still warm.  I wish I could take credit for inventing these...why didn't I think of that?  Yes, that pop-n-fresh guy must have seen me coming.  They even make pink lemonade frosting so you can make cookie sandwiches, or get the cake mix and make cupcakes or a frosted cake.  That sounded like a bit too much of pink lemonade sweetness for me so I thought I'd try making the cookies first.  I thought I should take a photo...who would believe I made pink cookies and it's not even Easter yet?  A simple joy for the day...not sure if they will last until tomorrow but we will enjoy and I will have all week to walk it off, my new job involves a lot of running up and down stairs.


  1. I'm not a pink lemonade fan, but I bet Calvin would love them!

  2. I bet they are as yummy as they are pretty!


  3. Well, I have to say they don't look all that good (to me at least) but you make them sound delicious. I think that would be a first for me - eating something because of a description.

    By the way - congratulations on your new job. You could also get a job convincing people to try something new!

  4. Now they look tasty. Wishing you luck with your new job.
    I can't believe how fast Easter is coming. I always try and make candy for everyone..keeps me busy..
    Have a happy weekend..xoCarolyn

  5. Oh, my! Those must be wonderful.


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