Saturday, March 3, 2012

Something fun on Saturday

One of my favorite things about visiting the museum, other than their wonderful exhibits, is getting to see different traditions from cultures around the world.  It was "World Fest" day there today so we were lucky enough to see traditional Indian dancing and a concert by a beautiful Japanese woman, wearing a lavendar kimono, playing a shamisen.  There was a Japanese cherry blossom branch next to her and it seemed like spring, so lovely, even though we are having snow flurries today.
We are so busy in our every day lives that it's a must to be able to slow down for a time and really enjoy these kind of traditions, a simple joy that's fun to share.


  1. That sounds like a neat day. We just stayed around here and did lots of nothing. :)

  2. Beautiful..we are going to have warm weather..but had snow storm the other day..Thanks for the kind words and your visit..Sending love and blessings..Carolyn

  3. Cindy, the woman in the photo is of a woman from India doing her traditional dance.
    The bottom photo is of a shamisen, the instrument that the Japanese woman played.


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