Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Flowers on Saturday

Spring colors are so cheerful, they take the drab right out of a gray wall. I absolutely enjoy all these pretty spring flowers that are blooming all around and so happy to have our spring weather again. The bunnies are out and about and we consider all of them to be Easter bunnies. Emily watches the little birds outside our window...meanwhile, these big geese are making nests everywhere near the pond and people are afraid to walk around the parking lot at work because the geese there are making nests too. I think it's a nice distraction (my mind is frazzled and ears ringing by the end of the day.) The Easter bunny is busy preparing for tomorrow. I'm not in the least prepared (no chocolate or coloring eggs yet?) but looking forward to some quiet and being in a peaceful least until the singing and rejoicing begins.   Happy Easter and enjoy the simple joys of the day.


  1. Beautiful flowers, beautiful time of year! Happy Easter to you and Emily! :)

  2. Happy Easter! I hope you enjoyed your day. You have lots of family to be with.


Thank you for taking the time to comment. Emily and I appreciate it...meow! Smile today. :)