Sunday, September 23, 2012

Homecoming Week Finally Over on Sunday

Our family had a double funeral this weekend so when I saw this double rainbow, it made me stop to thank God and say a prayer for these sisters.  I also prayed not to get drenched at the football game, grabbing a towel, blanket and umbrella as I knew it was going to be a cold rain (happened before, you know.)  Luckily, the homecoming parade happened on a cool night but at least it wasn't raining so I was thankful for that too.  The rain happened in intervals during the homecoming football game so the band did not get drenched this time, but I heard a few of the kids (inlcuding mine) say that it was so cool to watch the raindrops coming down on them as they were lying on the ground (this was right before it really rained after half-time.)  Our team still managed to win!  Then all the teenagers were focused on the homecoming dance and they couldn't have asked for a better night, cool and clear, the stars were beautiful.  All the kids were just beautiful, and had a fun week of homecoming, even a certain cat tried to get in her few minutes of picture taking.


  1. Like you, the rainbow always speaks to me. But I am always looking in the sky for something. Sounds like a fun time at homecoming. Always a good time.
    Roses are beautiful..we are getting very chilly here, now warm up this week, then temps drop..I have to keep myself busy,so I don't notice.
    Have a great week. xoCarolyn

  2. You kept me guessing where Emily would show up in which picture. After examining each picture, I saw her in the picture with Mary. They both look lovely.


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