Friday, November 16, 2012

Pouring God's Fingerprints on Friday

The morning sky has been filled with amazing, beautiful, stunning...colors.  Usually, I wake up with the cold air hitting me in the face as I race to beat the clock and scrape my windows in the morning but when I saw that firey sky the other morning, I ran back inside to grab my camera (had to race a little faster then!)  Admiring those colors and thanking God for another inspiring day, just put a smile on me that lasted all day.  Also, I have been busy pouring candles and enjoying the new fragrances of the upcoming holidays...ever wondered what a bucket of Elf Sweat smells like?  Well, since I didn't have a bucket...Elf Sweat is really sweet like candy, candy corn, candy cane, maple syrup, and Buddy the Elf, himself.

God has poured out his love into our hearts.  ~ Romans 5:5


  1. What a gorgeous morning sky! Your candles are so lovely and Elf Sweat sounds like the best smelling sweat ever! Hmm, that would make a good deodorant. :)

  2. that sunrise photo is just gorgeous. That kind of morning treat would make me want to get up early so I wouldn't miss them.

    I can imagine those neat smelling candles.

  3. Beautiful sky and Elf Sweat is sure a nice sounding smell..but what else would we expect from an Elf??
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving..Sending you much love and blessings for a Beautiful Holiday..Carolyn/Rosebud

  4. What a beautiful sunrise. Besides those being such pretty colors, I've never seen the colors cover such a large area. Is that typical in the Mid-West?

  5. Beautiful! I'd like to order some vanilla candles for my Mother for Christmas. I'll call you.


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