Sunday, December 16, 2012

Staying warm on Sunday

It has been a cold week here, not the coldest yet but we are staying warm whenever we get the chance to be home.  The best way to add more warmth and color to my non-colored rooms is to add more afghans.  This one is also serving another purpose as it is wrapped around the bottom of the Christmas tree.  Emily couldn't wait until this tree finally was put up...took me 2 days!  She likes to put her paws underneath this afghan, not sure if she is just warming her paws or searching for gifts?


  1. Completely adorable! I love the colors of the afghan and the beautiful Miss Emily to set the whole thing off.

    Have a Merry Christmas. Stay warm.

  2. Had to get here and wish you a Merry Christmas..I tell you, I am so lazy visiting..forgive me.
    Have a beautiful holiday and may God send His wonderful blessings on all of you.

  3. Such happy colors and what a darling "gift" under the tree! Wishing you and Emily a Joyful Christmas!

  4. Both! She sure looks wide eyed in this photo. I don't know if she is bushy tailed though.

  5. Emily looks so comfortable and bunnits is right about the colors. Emily's black and white is a nice complement to the colors of the afghan.

    Hope you all had a peaceful Christmas and that you have a wonderful new year.


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