Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A new perspective

I was looking through one of my old drawing books just to see if anything could inspire me to pick up a pencil, charcoal or brush today. I’ve been craving art for some time now and I need to remember to keep things in perspective. But whose perspective? In drawing books, there is always that classic drawing of railroad tracks to study perspective and learn your horizon. That has usually been one of those “off balance” things for me and even though I have learned perspective in art, my usual point of view is slightly askew, whether it has to do with my drawing, painting or just my eyesight, which isn’t the best now (all that squinting we were taught to do in art school.) So while I can still appreciate a classic look at railroad tracks to study perspective, I think it does a creative mind some good to look at things with a different point of view for a change. Isn’t that where creativity comes out to play?


  1. Yes, I remember the railroad tracks! I can't even draw stick people. You and your family are so talented in needlework and you with art, I am jealous! I do like to look at lots of quilts others do, not to copy them, but to glean some different perspective.

  2. I tend to sit outside when I'm needing to find my creativity. I've painted 2 murals in Korbin & Nate's room since we've moved in & started my way up the stairs to my very own creative loft...inspiring words & flowers all the way up (once I finish it).


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