Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two in the Sky on Tuesday

The little barn swallows that live in their nest on a post by the back door, have learned to fly this week! Their parents were teaching them when I got the chance to try to capture them in photos. It was a joy to watch these little ones leave their nest and I was cheering them on as much as their parents, I'm sure of that. There were actually 4 baby birds in that little nest and the flying barn swallows I captured in these photos were their parents. Such a beautiful family in nature to watch in these past weeks, a simple joy for me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Art: Happy Father's Day

My dad is a classic car fanatic...maybe that's not really fair since these classics were made back in "his day" and back then, they were the most modern. Now he looks at them like real art pieces, real classics. He talked a lot throughout my growing up years about getting the first car he ever owned, a 1950 Chevy, when he retired and it was wonderful when his dream became a reality. I was never sure how my mom actually felt about this, but it gave them new events to attend. She packs the water bottles and plenty of good food, and off they travel to different car shows. I think she likes picnics as much as I do...reminds us of happy times. My dad has done very well at many of these car shows, bringing home lots of trophies, (he even makes his own trophy cases!) but I know he would do this anyway, just to see all the other classic cars as well. Sometimes he's a participant and other times, he's one of the judges so he knows both sides of the competition very well and enjoys the different categories. He takes care of this classic car so well, always shining and ready for the next car show or next parade...his first "baby"...I was his last. Happy Father's Day.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fingerprints on Friday

This cute little bunny has been happily hopping all over our backyard for a few weeks now, but everytime I wanted to take her photo, she got shy. I think her home is under the shed and I have seen her escape under there when she hears a loud noise, lawnmower, or just too many birds trying to bother her. Emily watches her with me from the window, very relaxing to me, but she usually gets distracted by the birds. This little bunny is a beautiful fingerprint of God, to be found in nature and enjoyed by us on this wonderful summer day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mimosa Tree on Monday

A beautiful Mimosa tree caught my attention while on my walk the other day...it has been so hot lately that my walks have become shorter, since I can no longer walk early in the mornings and my water bottle doesn't last nearly long enough. This Mimosa tree is also known as a silk tree and has pretty little pink flowers that look like puffs on top of a fern. I appreciated its fan like effect when the breeze went through and I had to think...how very Southern.

A Guided Purpose by Fion Lim

Fluttering mind, fluttering mind
calm yourself down and have a rest.

Slow down the busyness of your mind,
and cool off your many distractions.

There's the calming effect of a fixed purpose,
Which slay all doubts, worries and fears.

Once you found a goal to commit to,
Your powerful mind set to work in a tenacious way.

No hesitancy, no pull back, no excuses.
Removing all obstacles that stand in the way.

Upon reaching the far-fetched goal,
You wonder at the marvel of it all.

A great power seems to be at work,
Guiding you along the line of fulfilling your aim.

The power of a committed purpose,
All lie within your powerful mind.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Too Tired on Tuesday

This is my son taking a well deserved and much needed nap...none of us (my kids and I) have slept well in these past several months, adjusting to whatever comes our way. Change is sometimes hard, but always inevitable and I usually embrace it, thinking it's just more of God's plan for me. Try explaining that to teenagers who are resistant to change, and you get this effect...crash and burn.