Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Some thoughts for this Thankful many simple joys to be thankful for today, but what does a chair have to do with being thankful, other than having a place to sit? This chair, along with 3 others just like it, and a table (that resembles more of an altar!) was given to me recently by some friends. I'm ok with the minimalist look I have here, but the thought of having them made me almost want to cook again...almost. It was their kind gesture that I'm thankful for, along with the sunshine again so I can continue working on them. I already glued the legs (Gorilla glue is awesome!) and sanded them down so I can add some paint and new fabric to these chairs and they will look...well, not like new, but maybe better. Also thankful that my little plants had the chance to bloom before the torential rains pummeled them.

"Let us draw a lesson from nature, which always works by short ways. When the fruit is ripe, it falls." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. I feel like I should be having a wordless wednesday ;) Beautiful pictures!


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