Monday, November 15, 2010

Manly and Merry Monday

Time for a proud mom moment and more treasured photos...this is my daughter, all ready for her chorus concert. She sang a medley of Beatles' songs with her group and there were quite a few talented kids with solos, duets and quartets on that stage. They all did a great job of entertaining us. I don't think she realized the significance of the Beatles' influence on pop culture and music until now. I'm just happy she's learning here and having fun too. Then there is my son with his suit and tie, all ready for his speech competition. The last time he was seen wearing a tie was for his first communion, in 2nd grade. I thought they were both cute then too.


  1. How proud you must be! Your daughter is a very pretty girl, and now I hear talented too. Your son sounds like Evan not wanting suits and ties. It is kind of sad seeing them grown up like this.

  2. I see Mary is using her bag! :) They both look great. I hope Eddie does very well in his competition. Wish him good luck for me.
    Smile today!


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