Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Taiko Drumming on Tuesday

Taiko drumming is a relatively new art form from Japan, coming to the United States in the 1960's for performances such as this one.  This auditorium was kind of small so I could really feel this music too, and it was so fun to learn about this art form, both ancient and new from Japan, actually coming from the Chinese during the Yayoi period (500 BC -300 AD.)  I think the more interesting version of taiko drumming's beginnings is this story...
According to myth, Taiko was started by Ame no Uzume, a shaman-like female diety.  One day fed up by her brother, the sun goddess hid herself in a cave.  The world became pitch dark and the other dieties tried to appease the sun goddess so that the world would be bright again.  They held a big party in front of the cave, and Ame no Uzume danced an erotic dance, stamping her feet on a wooden tub.  The other dieties laughed and cheered so loudly that the noise provoked the sun goddess to come out of her cave.  And thus, the world saw light again.

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