Friday, March 5, 2010

Fingerprints on Friday

Birds and trees are two of my favorite things and we were honored by another sunny morning (wow! 2 in a row!) so capturing the moment of these two little birds in the redbud tree was really something special today. I don't know which generation of these pretty birds are, but we usually see a nest near the door about this time of year and soon will have 4 little babies in the nest to watch, and Emily is always interested in this event. Listen to the beautiful sounds of nature! After such a strangely cold and snowy winter (for the South and the rest of the country) it's wonderful to see signs of Spring and to notice these beautiful fingerprints of God today...the birds nesting, the redbud tree with new buds that will bloom by next month and look absolutely beautiful with its pink flowers, and of course, the bright blue sky that is so inviting to enjoy with a walk through nature.


  1. More great pictures..Just beautiful and great Fingerprint..

  2. Beautiful photos! These signs of spring coming soon are very welcome!

  3. I've really enjoyed having the bird friends out and about. They are always a delight to watch.


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