Monday, March 15, 2010

Yay for Spring Break...Again!

This week is spring break for my teenagers and last week was spring break for my daughter and her boyfriend, (college kids) so they came up to visit us for the week...and so did their laundry! I really enjoyed their company and they had fun with little brother and sister, playing board games, video games (ugh!) watching movies, enjoying my cooking, and even installed a new car stereo together. They also had some fun with my camera so I thought I would share some of these photos today. I have a feeling I will see my teenagers in this position most of this week too, enjoying their time off school. As for me, I'm still looking forward to spring...first signs are showing up finally and that restores my spirit, but nothing compares to sharing time with my kids.


  1. Great! Enjoy yourself, you deserve it! Great family pictures.

  2. I wrote yesterday and somehow it got back again..
    Great to have family time..We are looking forward to Easter and everyone being here.
    Wonderful pictures and enjoy everyone..

  3. Ah, Spring Break! We've had this week with UA Huntsville and this coming week with Calhoun Comm. College (daughter at UAH and both sons at CCC). Makes life interesting when they don't happen the same week. Kinda wish the schools would get together on that.


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