Monday, June 14, 2010

Mimosa Tree on Monday

A beautiful Mimosa tree caught my attention while on my walk the other has been so hot lately that my walks have become shorter, since I can no longer walk early in the mornings and my water bottle doesn't last nearly long enough. This Mimosa tree is also known as a silk tree and has pretty little pink flowers that look like puffs on top of a fern. I appreciated its fan like effect when the breeze went through and I had to very Southern.

A Guided Purpose by Fion Lim

Fluttering mind, fluttering mind
calm yourself down and have a rest.

Slow down the busyness of your mind,
and cool off your many distractions.

There's the calming effect of a fixed purpose,
Which slay all doubts, worries and fears.

Once you found a goal to commit to,
Your powerful mind set to work in a tenacious way.

No hesitancy, no pull back, no excuses.
Removing all obstacles that stand in the way.

Upon reaching the far-fetched goal,
You wonder at the marvel of it all.

A great power seems to be at work,
Guiding you along the line of fulfilling your aim.

The power of a committed purpose,
All lie within your powerful mind.


  1. Very pretty. You should press some of the flowers :) to use on future projects!

  2. On L.I./N.Y. my mom had so many of these trees around..and in fact many home had them in their yards..then some sort of disease wiped them out.
    I never saw any again..maybe now they had a comeback..A really beautiful,graceful tree..


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