Friday, July 23, 2010

Fingerprints on Friday

We now have a new view to see when we open our door so I thought a few scenes of these fingerprints of God would be good to share today. There is the view of the open field and bright blue sky and our new plants (impatiens) on the front porch and then the view from Emily's spot when we open the door. These are all wonderful fingerprints of God, including Emily to be enjoyed by us now.


  1. The beautiful sky..a wonderful fingerprint..the impatiens are too..Of course the cat is always a good choice.
    Happy Fingerprint Friday on Saturday..

  2. Beautiful sky to greet you each day. I think the fields will provide you with lots of photo possibilities through the seasons.

    I'm glad you are getting settled in. Emily looks quite at home.

  3. Hi Gloria,

    I hope you and the kids are doing well at mom's Beautiful skies.

  4. Back for a visit..I know I wrote before..but don't you just love the sky? Something so beautiful about it..Brings me great joy.

  5. Checking in..I have been slow blogging too.
    Visits from family have kept me busy.
    Have a great weekend.


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