Friday, August 13, 2010

Fingerprints on Friday

Nature gives so many fingerprints of God, just looking at the sky is a wonderful way to think about them. We had some huge thunderstorms and watched the lightening all over the sky one night. I had forgotten how beautiful it can be, although a little frightening. Another day, I managed to capture a rainbow and remembered it's God's promise, so the frightening storm of the day didn't seem to matter much then and it was very calming and peaceful. Later, while I was watering my little plants, I noticed a huge praying mantis and took that as a good sign. I guess it had to be big enough for me to notice since I nearly touched it before I realized it wasn't part of the plant! Then I have the beauty of pink lilies, which every other yard around here seems to have (even my mom has these!) I can't help but notice these on my walks around town and took this pretty bouquet shot in front of the library. They look like a bouquet just by the way they are planted and have long stems, a wonderful fingerprint of God that makes me go ahh, what a beautiful bouquet!


  1. What a beautiful bouquet! Wow, that praying mantis is really something!

  2. What great Fingerprints! Those pink lilies are gorgeous. Always amazed at God's little creatures. That is a huge praying mantis!

  3. I found a baby praying mantis in my kitchen. Beautiful Pictures!


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