Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Colorful Tale on Tuesday

I recently read a good little story about the color gray, and I never thought too much about this color besides making a gradient or watching the clouds turn gray...you know it's ready to storm soon. I enjoy mixing colors and try not to mix too many to make it turn gray or "mud" as some call it. I thought mud was supposed to be brown, but maybe they are referring to the color of gray clay, which is a lot like mud when you mix water with it, then it's called silt. I am getting off track again. This happens when I look at all the colors of my prismacolors and start sketching. Terra cotta, orchid, and sunflower are all names that come to mind while searching for the next color to mix. These are a couple of my sketches that I worked on this morning but I tend to get distracted sometimes. Thinking in colors is one of my simple joys of the day and getting distracted by my beautiful cat is another.


  1. Don't you just love Prismacolor pencils?

    I've been off the computer most days lately. Lots of catching up to do, but not sure if I'm really back yet. Take care. :-)

  2. You are doing beautiful work, from what I see.
    You know, the less I do with this weather, the less I want to do.
    I have never used pencils, but they look so pretty with your work. My son-in-law did an Icon for me, with pencils and it is a beautiful medium.
    Have a happy day.

  3. You're sketches are beautiful! I finally finished my painting, even added some glitter to it. :) May the sun shine all day on you!


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