Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Keeping Track on Tuesday: Happy 2011

Some of the Christmas time things that have kept me occupied these past couple of weeks...shopping, wrapping, baking lots of cookies, making soaps with Christmas scents (peppermint, snow angels, and tinsel) Christmas programs and concerts, Christmas (had 3 of them this time) getting older (had another birthday on New Year's Eve) and shoveling snow again, only to have tons of rain fall on my birthday and the snow mostly melted. The last 2 photos show the snow a few days after Christmas, and I'm pretty sure those tracks are squirrel tracks. I have a feeling we are not close to being done with the snow storms here yet, it's only the beginning of the year.

New year, new beginnings...I want to wish everyone a Happy 2011. There are so many simple joys to be discovered on a daily basis and new ways to be creative. These are my observations for my new beginnings this year and I'm ready to get started and learn more new things. I'm not making any new resolutions this year. I'm a procrastinator so the process itself has to keep my interest or nothing gets accomplished anyway. I have never used a scratchboard before but found this process to be very satisfying, reminding me of my intaglio work but I didn't have to think about the sharp edges of the metal plate that tended to slow my work down at times (note to self...not a good thing to put cut hands into an acid bath!) I have to say that Emily has many more whiskers than the cat I drew, but I have noticed her staring intently on an object such as this little fuzzy ball. Maybe the next subject will lend itself more to colors and I can try out using the inks too, but I like the look of this scratching, reminding me of a certain black and white cat I know and love.


  1. Hi Gloria, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! May 2011 bring you joy and blessings. Your soaps are beautiful!
    We have had a busy couple of weeks visiting family and friends. Christmas Day was not as we had planned since we got a surprise foot of snow and couldn't go anywhere for a couple of days...but we still managed to celebrate with our kids before and after, and had lots of fun.
    xo Hugs to you and Emily xo
    ~ Judy

  2. What a beautiful picture. Good job..Love the soap. Another great job..I tell you, every year I tell myself I will do better with my art..get more focused. Somehow, I have become very lazy and not disciplined. Hope this year I will get my act together..May we both have a wonderful year. Wishing you the best..xoxoRosebud/Carolyn


Thank you for taking the time to comment. Emily and I appreciate it...meow! Smile today. :)