Monday, April 11, 2011

More Art for Monday

There just hasn't been enough hours in my days lately to be as creative as I would like, but luckily, another artist in my family has been creative so we enjoyed viewing his artwork, during an art walk this weekend. He's another classic car fanatic...well, anything mechanical, so that's what his artwork reflects. He even makes his own stands...out of car parts! I couldn't even make it through crocheting a set of dishcloths this week, but I also managed to bake some yummy banana bread...and Emily approved.


  1. Neat art. I like the way the yarn is working up. Did Miss Emily get a little nibble? :)

  2. Beautiful artwork and crochet..Banana bread doesn't look bad it was tasty.
    Computer is fixed and I am up and running..God Bless son-in-law..My lap top was a mess all is well for now and hope to stay that way awhile..Have a happy week..xoxoRosebud/Carolyn

  3. Isn't Emily sweet! Who is that in the picture? He sure is talented. I hope you don't mind if I feature Emily on my blog today.


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