Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Tulips for Saturday

Tulips in bloom are one of the very best parts of spring time and a simple joy for me. I have never seen so many flowering tulip trees in one little town, but they seem to be on every corner around here and so pretty now that they are blooming. This was one tree I noticed on my walk around the park the other day, when it was not a cold, rainy day such as today. It gives off a light fragrance in the breeze, very pleasant as we walk. The other tulips are just coming into bloom, these are just around the library and they are all a vibrant shade of red, really stand out against the green shrubs. If you want to see some really beautiful fields of tulips, check out These are some beautiful tulips in Skagit Valley in Washington.


  1. Ohhh, how beautiful! Ours are blooming too. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I just noticed that you live in Paxton...I grew up in Champaign. Small world! hugs, Judy

  2. How beautiful and just in time for Easter..
    Have a blessed Easter..from our home to yours..


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