Friday, June 29, 2012

A Fair Friday

The word of the day is "extreme."  It has been extremely HOT and everyone is extremely tired.  They just seem to go together.   So I thought I would post some photos from earlier this week when it wasn't so extreme.  Mary and I explored the museum in town and that was interesting to find out things that we never knew and loved the fact that in most of all the old photos we saw, everyone had their pet in their family or business photos.  Mostly they had dogs or cats, but some had horses or rabbits in their photos.  People should do that more often I think.  We also went to the county fair this week and when we came to the bunny barn, I had to take a few photos.  They had bunnies of all sizes and colors.  The black and white ones made me think of a certain cat I know and love.


  1. Yes, there is definitely one there that looks like Henry and Emily! The museum looks like fun.

  2. It has been very hot here too..sometimes we get the sea breeze that cools us down in the afternoon..A funny summer, so far..but thankful no snow..haha.
    Bunnies,they are so cute. Looks like it was a nice fair.
    Hope all is well with you..xoCarolyn

  3. Oh, man, talk about hot. We had temps up to 107 at the end of last week and through the weekend. It was not fun at all. No rain, either.

    Looks like you had a neat visit. Of course, I love the bunny pictures. I hope they were staying cool. The daisies make me smile. :)

  4. There is definitely something irresistible about bunnies. My daughter has two that she loves dearly.

    We have had a mild Summer here so far. I expect we will have the triple digits before too long.



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