Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Scents on Saturday


I'm a huge fan of aromatherapy...if you don't already know that, you must be new here and I welcome you too.  It's just as soothing to me as listening to the church bells ringing at the end of another day (not really the end, just when I switch gears to relax.)  Aromatherapy from my soy candles, tarts and soaps really makes my day.  These are some tarts I made recently with some pretty summer scents...Breezes and Sunshine, Japanese Cherry Blossom and China Rain.

The summer night is like a perfection of thought. ~ Wallace Stevens


  1. They even look like they smell good!

    I know you had a great helper in Miss Emily.

  2. I can't comment on the scents from here but the colors are certainly nice. I like the arrangement, too. Maybe it's the engineer in me - they look like gears.

    I'll rely on Emilie's expression to say they must smell nice, too.

  3. How pretty and what wonderful names! Looks they are passing the sniff test. =^..^=

  4. I LOVE how they smell!! Matt even knew what they were before I opened the package :) Thanks so much Aunt Gloria!

  5. I was happy when I heard you were starting up again. Let us know when you are taking orders! Emily sure looks happy with the idea. How is she?


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