Saturday, March 23, 2013

Newsworthy on Saturday

Small town news is much different than big town news so I thought I would give you a laugh today with our local newspaper that has a photo of me and my daughter on the front page.  Yes, that's us, looking at prom dresses a couple of weeks ago, it was a rainy day...don't we look excited?  Emily gave me her eye of approval when I showed her our photo.  I think she laughed too.
This is our last week of Lent and I was so hoping for some spring time photo opportunities by now, but since the flowers are only about 3 inches high and keep getting frozen, I decided to post a photo that was taken a couple of years ago that so reminded me of warmer days.  We are having blue skies today but by tomorrow, everything is supposed to be covered with snow once again.  There is a tradition I was reading about, known as "praying the steps" that is done on Good Friday at a church in Cincinnati.  This is obviously a lesson in patience as well.  It takes people a good hour and a half to make this pilgrimage up the steps.  So I will also be patient for spring to arrive and be thankful for every step along the way.
Be truly glad.  There is wonderful joy ahead!  I Peter 1:16

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  1. I love the cute shopping photo! Of course, Miss Emily is always lovely to look at. The flowering trees are a welcome sight.


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