Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wesley the owl

Owls are truely remarkable creatures and certainly earn the symbolism they portray, wisdom. Wesley was a smart little barn owl and his "person" was smart enough to write about his amazing life for everyone to have the opportunity to be educated about "the way of the owl." I'm not a biologist, but the more I read about Wesley, the more I wanted to know about this little barn owl and I enjoyed the photos along the way. I wrote a paper (long ago) about the northern spotted owl and their dwindling habitat (ancient forests) and I became intrigued with those little owls as well as those huge trees we were lucky enough to live near, but the closest I could get to the owls was at the program for the kids at the zoo. Those beautiful owls looked at everyone with their wise eyes and the kids had fun watching them turn their heads-and not their bodies!

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