Friday, April 30, 2010

Fingerprints on Friday

A snapping turtle, one of God's wonderful creatures, was discovered last weekend, after a big rainstorm, coming dangerously close to my driveway. So armed with gloves and my camera, I went out to greet it before it could go any further. I have this fear of backing over any of God's creatures so I try to keep them away from my car when I can. There is a pond at my neighbor's house and I'm sure this snapping turtle was displaced from there because of the storm. I tried relocating it, but it ended up biting me through my gloves! My son decided a shovel might be a safer way to relocate this creature and safely placed it back into the water, his home, and we were all happy for it. This snapping turtle is a beautiful fingerprint of God, found in nature (although you can't pet it!) and a good reminder that we can all use a helping hand sometimes to get us back on our own path.


  1. Sorry you got bitten when you were just trying to help, and I'm glad he got back home safely. I found one in our backyard when I was in elementary school and gave him to a friend. My friend came to school the next day with a big bandage on her nose. We do need to keep a respectful distance from that mouth, for sure!

  2. Have to admit,you were a brave person trying to move that turtle. They can give a nasty bite.
    I remember seeing them snap a stick in half.
    But he is home now safe and sound..and you/son are blessed for taking care of him..
    Have a good Fingerprint Friday.
    Have to admit..he sure was a beautiful Fingerprint.

  3. Great pictures. I agree with Rosebud, you were brave trying to move him. Have a great weekend!

  4. You are a brave woman!

    Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday!

  5. Luckily you didn't need stitches or have any broken bones. I remember as a child setting out large rocks for bases for a softball game in the side yard which was bounded by a very small creek. I went out after a rain to move the rocks because my dad was going to mow after the grass dried out. One of them moved as I approached it! I was surprised to find a resting snapper as a fifth base. I gently prodded him toward the creek with a stick.


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