Friday, May 21, 2010

Fingerprints on Friday

There are some beautiful barn swallows just outside my window today. I was wondering if any pairs of birds would build their nest near the house this spring and was so happy when this pair showed up. You see, it was a sad day when I noticed this little nest that had been blown down by one of the high winds that we had recently, and that was a nest made by little house wrens that usually make their nest right by the front door in the spring. There was a bright spot...little berries forming nearby and there are birds that land on the redbud tree with its heart shaped leaves now. So later, when I heard a different kind of singing near the back door, I learned it was a pair of barn swallows that had made their nest on a post there. Many people do not appreciate the barn swallow, saying they are just messy birds, underneath bridge dwellers, that sort of thing, but I have really enjoyed watching them with Emily (she's very interested in this couple.) They have beautiful rich blue feathers on their backs with a light rusty color around their head and light colored tummy, but what sets them apart is their split tail and it's so fun to watch them eat flying insects while in flight. They never need to touch the ground to get their food! I have tried several times this week of capturing them with my camera, but usually I just stand there and watch them fly around, so glad they are getting rid of the pesky flying insects (isn't nature so smart?) These beautiful barn swallows are a fingerprint of God, found in nature, to be enjoyed by us and Emily and I will continue watching this pair outside the window.


  1. They sound fascinating to watch!

    [I love your kitty.]

  2. What a delightful gift. Enjoy their progress as they raise their brood.

  3. Wonderful fingerprint..Sorry, I am is giving me grief and I know I have to take it right back to zero..ugh!
    I like barn swallows..we have tree swallows too..Will say the barn swallows had a nest near the house and we had to leave with an open umbrella, they kept dive bombing us..All our girls were home then and they thought it was great..Have a happy day..will visit tomorrow..


Thank you for taking the time to comment. Emily and I appreciate it...meow! Smile today. :)