Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily!

We are celebrating a very special's Emily's birthday! So I had to include a baby photo, as any proud mom would. She has been my furry best friend for the past 6 years and her duckie is still her favorite thing to practice her hunting skills, although it's a little worse for wear (ever seen a bald duck?) I have watched her grow into her tail, lose her claws, and never know the wonderful feeling of motherhood herself...but she has done a wonderful job of taking care of me. I really enjoy her company and sharing our love, relaxing together or playing...very entertaining and I hope we will have many more years to celebrate these special days together.


  1. Happy Birthday, Emily! And here's wishing you many more.

    Our Stormy made it through 16 years with us. It was hard losing her back in March and makes me cherish the remaining kitties all the more. I know that you two are blessings for each other.

  2. Happy Birthday Emily..and may you have many, many more..
    What a sweet looking cat. They make wonderful pets. I use to have one, but since he is gone..never got another.
    Have a great rest of the week...Rosebud.

  3. Happy Birthday Emily!!! I missed this post earlier. I hope you had fun with her on her special day.


Thank you for taking the time to comment. Emily and I appreciate it...meow! Smile today. :)