Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day on Monday

Joyful, happy, elated are just a few words to describe some kids I saw this morning, including mine, on their first day of school.  The only day of the year I won't have to wake anyone up for school...did anyone sleep is the bigger question.  But these are teenagers so fashion is what they are planning all night, knowing that I took care of the rest of the boring they have enough paper?  Mary with her glittery nails, Ed with his 2 sets of headphones...they are going to make quite a statement on their first day.  

There was another first day of school in this little town that I will always remember as a special day...Katie's first day of kindergarten.  She's a senior this year in college (in a faraway land) so I missed taking her "first day of school" photo.  This is Katie on her very first day of kindergarten and Ed (age 1) and while Mary wasn't born just yet, she was actually there too, 16 years ago.


  1. aawww, that first day is always such a big deal each year! :)

  2. I remember those first days of school. Kindergarten first day always gave me a bit of anxiety.Mine are all in college now. Enjoy.

  3. Mary looks lovely and Ed looks cool. I'm sure they were a big hit on the first day.


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