Monday, August 29, 2011

Macro Monday

Among the many weeds that live next to my car, I found this pretty little flower that comes out during the early morning sunshine so it must be a morning glory.  The star pattern in the petals opens up to a white center with petals of sky blue makes this one Heavenly Blue.  Watch where you step, it just might be the simple joy of the day.  If you want to see more macro Monday photos, check out



  1. We used to get those blue morning glories on our boxwoods at the side of the house. Now there are big white ones. Both are such a lovely sight early in the morning.

  2. Such a lovely color. Happy Macro Monday.

  3. There are some which I saw growing wild at a public car park. They are beautiful, yet much unappreciated. Glad you featured this flower.

  4. What a happy little flower..and beautiful color.
    THank you for checking in on us..Thank God, Irene wasn't bad on the coast..funny how that storm went..Usually the coast is the hardest hit, but this time it was inland..Vermont really had flooding..Anyway, we all dodged a bullet and so thankful to God..Have a happy week..xoxoRosebud/Carolyn

  5. Morning glories are so beautiful. Beautiful blue.

  6. That is lovely! So often we don't take the time to look.


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