Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Costumes on All Saints Day

Computer "hacker" or Grim Reaper, not sure which one would be scarier these days but we bought this cloak for Eddie to wear for his Halloween haunted science lab this year. Not allowed to wear any type of masks at school and still had to be able to perform experiments. Ever since he started going to his gifted program at the Tech school in grade school, the high school kids set up a haunted science lab for the little kids and do science experiments that appear to be "magic" to the younger ones. He was so excited at the prospect of getting to do these science experiments when he was in grade school and would tell me every year that "one day" when he's a "big kid" he will get to perform these tricks too. Now he's 15 (a big kid) and still looks forward to these Halloween haunted science labs every year.

As for my big teenager, Mary (13) who still doesn't like Halloween, scared of even going into a Halloween costume store, informed me that she was going to be a vampire this year so she wore red and black. I suspect that was from reading the Twilight books and her friends. The day before she seriously looked like a teenager, with a borrowed black shirt, black bangles and I painted her nails bright (her friends put make-up on her one day but she really smudged it and decided she didn't like that!) Time really does fly by, doesn't it?
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween yesterday, and did everyone celebrate All Saints Day by having doughnuts this morning? Doughnuts are modern day "soul cakes" and I really like that idea, even though they still don't compare to my grandma's malasadas we had growing up.


  1. They look great! So they are 13 and 15. Nothing like our grandmother's malasadas made. I sure can't do it as well. I hope you had a pleasant day.

  2. I didn't smuge it, the smuge it on me! It made Haley happy, so that made me fine with it.

    - Mary


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