Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

Display the flag, watch a parade, thank a soldier for their service (past or present) and pray for all the veterans's Veteran's Day. This is a photo of my husband just 2 weeks before my youngest daughter, Mary, was born...notice the cheesy grin. This photo always makes me laugh. The poem below is about caring for a soldier and I used to carry it around with me all the time, along with some polaroids of my husband riding a camel in the desert - he was in Desert Shield/Storm long time ago. Now it's in one of my photo albums, next to some photos of my husband while he was in Korea (put there much later.) It's good to revisit these things on days like today and remember all the Veterans in our family...past or present and say a prayer and thank them all for fighting for our freedom.
Caring about a Soldier

Caring about a soldier

isn't always easy,

and caring is a high price to pay.

It's caring for him with nothing to hold,

It's being young, yet feeling old.

It's having him whisper he cares for you.

It's whispering back, you care too.

Then comes a kiss, a promise with emotion.

Knowing you're watched and approved with devotion.

Reluctantly, painfully letting him go,

While you're dying inside because you're scared so.

Watching him leave with your eyes full of tears.

Standing alone with hopes, dreams and fears.

It's sending a letter with a stamp upside down,

To a faraway man in a faraway town.

It's going to church to kneel and to pray,

And really meaning the things you say.

Days go by and no mail for a spell.

You wait for some word to hear he is well.

Then a letter arrives and you're given its joy.

You become like a child with a shining new toy.

With fingers trembling and heart beating fast,

You tear open his letter and read it at last,

And it's filled with the words you wanted to hear.

Weeks are a month and months are a year.

You're waiting for the day you'll have no more to fear.

Time passes slowly, yet has gone very fast.

You are barely aware it's here till it's passed.

Yes, caring about a soldier brings bitterness and tears,

Loneliness, sadness, despondence and fears.

Caring about a soldier won't bring him closer,

But it's well worth the wait when the battle is over.

Remember he's thinking many thoughts every day.

He's sad and lonely from being away.

So think about him and try to be bolder,

And always be proud of caring about a soldier.

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  1. Wonderful poem. Nice picture of him too. How long was he in the service?


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