Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Aromatherapy

Close your eyes, take a whiff of something you like, (could be food, flowers, candles...) relax and enjoy the sensation...this is my version of aromatherapy. They say (A World of Aromatherapy) it dates back 5000 years or so, one of the oldest methods of holistic healing, but I'm guessing it's been around as long as people have been around, they just had different names for it. The term wasn't coined until 1937 because of a French chemist, Rene Gattefosse, who discovered the healing powers of lavender oil after burning his hand in his laboratory. So he published a book about the anti-microbial effects of the oils and the term "aromatherapy" made its way to the public. I'm thinking lavender oil was used to treat quite a few things since it was abundant in France (lavender fields.) The healing power of essential oils are capable of not only treating our physical aches and pains, but they also have an impact on enhancing our state of mind. This is why when we breathe in something pleasing, we say, "Ahh..." and that makes us feel better all around. Lavender oil can be found in bath-n-body or baby products since its so soothing and relaxing, but its also great for relieving anxiety, depression, fatigue and stress. I had my nose stuck in these bowls of wonderful scents yesterday, looks like yummy pudding, but don't eat it...they're lotions I made...Hummingbird (orange) and Vanilla Lavender (blue) and Aloe & White Lilac (green.) These all remind me of something special, just by taking a whiff and enjoying my aromatherapy every chance I get. I definitely need more aromatherapy in my days.

Can you smell it? Ahh, so relaxing...enjoy!


  1. That a lot a lotion, what did you buy a Prius now?

  2. I love lavender! Of course I love your vanilla too. Happy Thanksgiving!


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