Saturday, December 5, 2009

Silly Photo Saturday

This is a silly photo of Emily, when she was still a little kitty and didn't quite know what to make of all this Christmas paper everywhere on Christmas morning. I was reminded of this silly photo yesterday while I was busy most of the day trying to do some gift wrapping and get some boxes ready to mail. Emily was a great help. She mostly sat on the wrapping paper as soon as I rolled it out on the floor, so that will explain the crinkly look to the wrapping paper before they even get to open it this year. Some people crinkle paper on purpose for that rustic (artistic) look, but they don't usually use smooth Christmas wrapping paper for that idea. Emily has her own ideas.

The following photos are of the beautiful snow we discovered early this morning, a rare sight in Alabama for sure! Since I missed out on posting my "fingerprints on Friday" yesterday, I thought this is a wonderful time to be thankful for and appreciate these fingerprints of God, found in nature to be enjoyed today.


  1. How beautiful! That is about as much snow as I like. If only it would stay that way with just the white coating. We just received a letter from your Mother this week.
    I didn't realize Emily had a white ear on the backside.

  2. The snow never lasts long here, why it's such a rare sight. This snow melted by the afternoon!


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