Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Living in harmony is like living in the woods, whether you are one of the trees, birds or creatures. All are in nature's harmony. I am thankful for nature's harmony today and enjoying the birds' songs outside my window that connect us all in nature's harmony.
We are aspiring for harmony
In the inner life and in the outer life.
I deeply value the oneness
Of all human beings.
Sri Chinmoy


  1. Very nice photo. I love walking in the woods, as you know. I like your description about being one.

  2. The photo is beautiful. Nature is so beautiful. I sometimes have to remind myself to appreciate it. Enoy those birds.


  3. lovely. in this crazy time of year, it's important to remember what's important- that poem helps.

  4. very good poem.

    Richard / Germany


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