Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Good will, peace towards all...must be Christmas time. While doing some Christmas shopping this week, I tried to keep this mantra in my mind at all times. There seemed to be so many shoppers in such a hurry, and then, there was the rest of us. For some reason, I kept noticing a lot of elderly people out shopping, presumably by themselves that could barely reach for anything they wanted to look at or pick up. I know I'm not much taller than an average Santa's elf myself, but I have been known to scale some shelves to get something higher on a shelf, so I try to help out others when I can. The other day, I got a little help from one of these elderly couples I just helped in the store and their gratitude really touched my heart. I had a very full coin compartment on my wallet, so when I took it out to pay for my purchases, it burst open and so many coins were all over the floor in no time. I was so embarrassed, but I tried to quickly pick it all up. That couple happened to be behind me in line, so they also helped me pick it all up, along with the cashier, and had us all giggling about it together. So today I'm thankful for the kindness of strangers, good will towards others, and my own patience to to remind myself to take time for others and enjoy this wonderful time of Christmas.

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  1. Funny this should be your theme today, as I was getting my hair cut and an elderly woman asked Evan to go to her car for her, and he gladly helped. We all need each other.
    Your daughter is very pretty.


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