Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Art: Advent Wreath

This beautiful advent wreath was made by Steve Morel, an artist in Seattle. The large ring is about 48 inches in diameter and is embellished with the letters of O Lord, O Wisdom, O Key of David, and O Emmanuel. The top is about 8 inches in diameter and has the impression of the cross inside, so that if you are standing underneath and look up, you can see through the rings and see the cross.


  1. That wreath is an impressive piece of work, isn't it? I really enjoy looking around your blog; it's a peaceful place to spend time!

    When I saw your photos of Emily, I had to laugh; I have a cat who's her twin, named Guinevere. I even took photos of Guinevere, just to send to you, but I don't think I can put them into a comment box. So, just to show you, I've put them into the sidebar of my blog for a couple days, just below the search box. Come have a look! And happy almost-Christmas!

  2. Wow, how beautiful. You must have been there when you were visiting your brother. How I'd love to go out there.

  3. I haven't been to Seattle for a long time, since we lived near there actually. My brother lives across the Puget Sound now. This is an older picture, this particular advent wreath hung in Our Lady of Guadalupe church in Seattle and I'm impressed with its size and details, haven't seen another one quite like this one.


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